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    2nd Amendment Survival Kit
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      2nd Amendment Survival Kit

      Whether your Hunting, Fishing, Hiking or Camping. Being out in the woods has some form of dangers along with it. Be it taking a fall, twisting an ankle, or you get a tiny bit lost in the woods. Having something to make a fire or help build a shelter goes along ways.

      Be just a little bit prepared with this mini survival kit.

      Kit Contains:
      One, 2nd Amendment Sling, LLC. Carabiner
      9' of Paracord
      Two, Fishing Hooks with Line
      Fishing Line
      Two, Weight
      Two, Floats
      Two, Swivels
      One, Fire Starter (Ferrous rod)
      One, Alcohol Prep Pad
      One, Knife Blade
      Metal Wire
      Two, Safety Pins
      One, Sewing Needle
      Tin Foil

      Currently only available in: Black and Woodland Camo or OD and Desert Timber.